Dandelions (Taraxacum Officinalis) contain bitter substances such as Taxacin and Taraxsterol. They have a bitter flavour that can help stimulate gall production and are therefore ideal for use when purging. The dandelion-extract is also fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The main function of this fermentation is to conserve the product, so that the extract can be sold without added alcohol or preservatives. What’s more, the extract is not pasteurised, which helps preserve the live lactic acid bacteria.
The gall bladder only functions as a place of storage for the gall that the liver has already produced, and for that reason you can still achieve good results by taking REGOPUR if your gall bladder has been removed. The extract can still have an effect on the liver and kidney function. The living lactic acid bacteria will also still contribute to a healthy intestinal flora.


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By: Michael Mohr Jensen, producer of dietary supplements
Updated 12th March 2020