Fermented red clover as an ingredient

Standardised, patented fermented red clover, a safe ingredient

When it comes to making innovative, effective products, it is imperative to know everything there is to know about the ingredients and know that they are safe, uniform and of a high quality.

REGOROS is a liquid red clover extract which consists of the pressed juice of red clover leaves and flowers. The red clover juice is then fermented in tanks for at least six months before it is ready for use. The extract can be freeze-dried to powder, allowing it to be used in everything from tablets, capsules, creams and lotions to liquid products.

You get continuous research and innovation

Research is part of Herrens Mark’s DNA. In an attempt to investigate all the properties that REGOROS possesses, there is always a scientific trial in the pipeline.

High quality

The red clover juice is extracted from organically grown herbs. A form of cultivation and production that is under continuous supervision and control by independent Danish authorities. This ensures that the raw material is of a high quality and that the product is completely free of pesticides.

Support for our customers

At Herrens Mark, we are committed to providing evidence-based product solutions so that our clients can meet the consumer’s need for innovative dietary supplements, food and cosmetic solutions.

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