At Herrens Mark, we have a stance on the world we leave for future generations. We have therefore implemented several initiatives, not only in the production of our herbal extracts but also in our daily lives. We grow organic vegetables for our own consumption and strive to live a vegetarian lifestyle, focusing on seasonal produce whenever possible.

Sustainable Production of Herbal Extracts

The founder of Herrens Mark, Michael Mohr Jensen, has been an organic farmer since 1989, before organic food labelling existed. The official Danish organic label was introduced in 1990. The herbs for our extracts are grown organically because we consider organic farming to be a gentle way to cultivate the land, allowing ample space for animals, birds, and insects.

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Room for Everyone

We also believe in leaving space for others. Swallows dart in and out during their chase for insects, while sparrows, nightingales, and occasionally woodpeckers frolic in the bushes outside our windows. Our fields buzz with activity throughout the summer months, displaying a beautiful spectrum of colours, from the golden carpet of dandelions in late April to the purple hue of sage dominating the fields in summer. Additionally, some of our land is unsuitable for cultivation due to sandy soil, so we've turned it into a type of wild forest where hares and roe deer can roam freely.

Thoughtful Packaging

Our herbal extracts are delivered in bag-in-box packaging, designed to provide stable and practical packaging that optimizes space during transport. This packaging principle ensures that the extracts don't come into contact with oxygen once opened, preserving their freshness and allowing for a longer shelf life, minimizing the risk of waste. Furthermore, the cardboard for the packaging comes from FSC-certified sources.

Nothing Goes to Waste

When we produce our extracts and press the plant juice, we are left with pulp or plant material. We don't let this go to waste; instead, we return it to the fields where it acts as fertilizer for the next round of herbs to be cultivated there.

Green Energy and Recycling

A portion of the energy we use in production comes from solar panels installed on the south-facing roof of one of the farm's buildings.


Recycling is another practice we emphasize at Herrens Mark. We strive to use the items around us for as long as possible. When we need something new, we often find it in thrift stores. As a result, we sit in recycled chairs around our lunch table, using recycled tableware, including a lovely dinner set adorned with dandelions.

Sustainability on the Agenda

But we recognize that there is always room for improvement. We are therefore committed to continually finding more sustainable ways to produce our fermented herbal extracts and consistently enhance the sustainability of our products.

What do other users say?

We have many satisfied users of our herbal extracts. Here you can read about others' experiences with REGOMEO, REGOBONE, and REGOPUR."

"Could feel the effect after just one day, and it's been like that ever since. I have now been taking fermented Red Clover Extract for 6 months. I am really happy with it and can't recommend it highly enough to others 😃""

Lene Moeller



"I started taking fermented red clover extract after consulting with my own doctor. I got "my life back"! It's fantastic to have a product for my bones where you get everything in one product: fermented red clover, calcium, and magnesium. I would definitely recommend REGOBONE. As for the taste, well, you get used to it 😂"




"I'm extremely happy with Herrens Mark’s dandelion product - REGOPUR. It is a great product that has now become a regular part of my breakfast routine and one that I can’t imagine doing without."

Nina Jacobsen



"Definitely 5 stars from me It's just fantastic. After 6 days, my hot flashes were completely gone ... 😄 Can't recommend it highly enough - it helps!"

Kirsten Andersen



"After a little over a year of using fermented red clover extract, I can say that it has greatly helped in maintaining my bones. So, despite the slightly funky taste, I'm sticking with it 😉 Thanks a million for your absolutely fantastic product."

Tina Nielsen



"REGOPUR is wonderful! My digestion is so much better, and I have so much more energy - I really recommend it! :)"



"I just want to say a thousand thanks for making your fantastic red clover extract. In 14 days, I have regained my sleep and my life with full energy. I have never experienced an extract working so precisely and with such a great effect."




"I have been taking fermented red clover extract for a few years with a good effect on my bone loss. I have tried several different products, but the most effective method for maintaining and building my bones has been my daily intake of REGOBONE – which is reflected in my results. A natural product – which, for me, has been completely without side effects."




"I’ve been taking Fermented Dandelion Extract for six weeks and I can only give this product my best recommendations."

Stine Lastein