A balanced life in harmony with nature.

The lifeblood of Herrens Mark is the plant. We strive to use the vitality and force of the plants in a harmonious way – without side effects and synthetic preparation – to contribute to the well being of people.

We believe that nature is able to help us promote the natural processes, which contribute to a balance in body and soul. We do not sell wonder drugs that erase the feeling of being a human in a living body, but extracts that support the natural processes in the body.

We target our work to discover, handpick and develop herbs and different varieties within every single herb. E.g. we participate in a grand scale experiment in finding old varieties of red clover with high contents of phytoestrogens.

Dandelion and Red Clover Extract from Herrens Mark are widely known in Denmark today. The ambition is to launch our products in European countries in a nearby future.

Furthermore, Herrens Mark continues to develop new herbal extracts and dietary supplements.