Breaking down waste products with purges and detoxes

Breaking down waste products with purges and detoxes

Purging and detoxes focus on breaking down waste products and on liver, kidney and gall bladder function. The better your liver and kidney function, the better your body will be able to break down waste products and the better your digestion will be.

What is the function of the liver?

The liver is possibly one of the body’s most important organs, yet probably one of the most misunderstood. Its primary role is to break down waste products, alcohol and residual medicine, allowing the kidneys to cleanse the blood and purge waste products. It is also enormously important for the body’s ability to digest as it contributes to the metabolism and gall production (we need gall to convert fat into energy). These are just two of the tasks the liver performs. Unlike what many people believe, the liver does not cleanse the body like a “sponge” that absorbs every toxin, heavy metal and waste products. It instead uses enzymes to break down waste products until they become water-soluble and can leave the body in urine and faeces.

How is your body cleansed?

The liver is comprised of a large number of gall canals that join a main gall canal connected to the gall bladder. Certain waste products that are broken down in the liver are filtered into the bile ducts, from where they are excreted when the bile produced by the human liver flushes them further into the gall bladder. The gall bladder is where the bile is stored and concentrated before being carried on to the digestive system and duodenum. A normal healthy liver produces about a litre of gall every day. This production declines as we get older, which is how gall stones can arise.

How does a cleanse work?

By focusing on what you consume, a cleanse can allow the liver and kidneys to work more efficiently. This can give the organs more time to break down waste products, produce more gall and eject waste products, toxins and potential gall stones from the gall canals and bladder.

Dandelion for purging and detoxes

Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinalis) contains astringents such as Taxacin and Taraxsterol. These have a bitter flavour that can help stimulate gall production and are therefore ideal for use when purging. REGOPUR is also fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The main function of this fermentation is to conserve the product, so that the extract can be sold without added alcohol or preservatives. The extract is not pasteurised either, as this helps to preserve the live lactic acid bacteria.

Because the gall bladder functions only as a store for the gall that the liver has already produced, you can still achieve good results by taking dandelion extract, even if your gall bladder has been removed. The extract can still have an effect on liver and kidney function.