Hot flushes during the night

Hot flushes during the night

Are you one of those women who experience hot flushes at night and disrupted sleep? You are far from the only one. Many women experience that the quality of their sleeping pattern deteriorates with the onset of the menopause. This is often caused by nocturnal hot flushes, also known as night sweats. Different women experience the menopause differently. It also occurs at differing ages, but the majority of women will be sensitive to temperature fluctuations during their menopause.

What is going on in the body during menopause?

The climacteric, which we usually call the menopause, essentially takes place because the ovaries stop producing the female sex hormones; oestrogen and progesterone. The menopause is also referred to as the period around a woman’s final menstruation. A woman is considered to be in menopause when she has not experienced menstruation for over a year. For most women, the menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55.

Some women experience little or no discomfort in connection with the menopause and their only symptom is that they stop having their menstrual periods. The vast majority of all women will, however, experience symptoms to a greater or lesser degree and feel discomfort in connection with their menopause.

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Why you suffer hot flushes during the night

Night-time hot flushes are a frequent nuisance for many women when the body’s production of the female sex hormones decreases. It is especially during this period that the body becomes sensitive to temperature fluctuations and even a small increase in temperature can cause the body to respond by releasing heat and cause hot flushes. The body tries to release this heat by expanding the blood vessels that are close to the skin. These blood vessels take on a larger surface area and thus release heat and initiate sweat production. This is the basic explanation of how the body reacts during hot flushes.

Most women who experience hot flushes during the menopause are also affected by night sweats. Hot flushes occur more frequently at night than during the day. This impairs sleep quality and can affect a woman’s general quality of life if she is unable to keep the discomfort under control. All problems related to hot flushes and night sweats are connected to falling levels of the female sex hormones; oestrogen and progesterone. Some women experience just a single hot flush over the course of a day while others may suffer up to a hundred hot flushes in just a single day.

Night-time hot flushes and other discomforts associated with the menopause can be alleviated by fermented red clover, with added lemon balm, sage and peppermint extracts.

Why does fermented red clover work against night-time hot flushes?

Red clover has been used since far back in time because the plant agents it contains are similar to oestrogen, the female sex hormone. The plant agents, also called isoflavones or phytoestrogens, which bind to other places in the body than the sex hormone oestrogen, can balance the imbalance that can result from falling oestrogen levels. Red clover can therefore contribute to reducing night sweats because it supports the body’s hormone balance.

Fermented red clover can help reduce the imbalance that occurs in the body during menopause, and especially night-time hot flushes. At the same time, the fermented lemon balm is conducive to normal sleep rhythms and a positive mood, so you will experience lower fatigue and fewer mood swings.

Red clover can therefore help your menopause to be one in which your everyday life and quality of life in general are not compromised.

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Good advice about night-time hot flushes

There are many good tips about how to avoid hot flushes during the night. What works for each individual will vary and will depend on the degree of discomfort you are suffering.

A cold bedroom with light and airy bedding

Most women who experience hot flushes during the night will benefit from keeping the bedroom cool, and either sleeping with an open window during the night or keeping the room well ventilated in the daytime. It can also be more comfortable to sleep under a light duvet and on thin cotton or silk bed linen.

Focus on diet

Many women find that specific foods influence hot flushes. Coffee, alcohol or spicy food can be particularly provocative factors.

Support the body’s hormone balance

Bring calm to your hormone balance by supplementing your daily diet with the goodness contained in fermented red clover.

How to avoid hot flushes at night?

Women have been using plants and herbs to alleviate the menopause for centuries, and hot flushes in particular. Red clover can help make the body less sensitive to temperature increases and contribute to a more comfortable menopause.

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