Red clover to alleviate hot flushes

Red clover to alleviate hot flushes

If you are experiencing major discomfort during the menopause, you may benefit from consuming red clover to alleviate hot flushes. Red clover is known to be very helpful during menopausal hot flushes because it contains phytoestrogens that have a structure resembling that of oestrogen. It is extremely likely that decreasing oestrogen levels during and after the menopause are, to a greater or lesser extent, the cause of these symptoms in women.

What is the difference between hot flushes and sweats?

Hot flushes and sweats are two different, but closely connected, symptoms of the menopause. Hot flushes are thought to be the body’s reaction to surrounding temperature whereas sweats are the body trying to cool back down. So even though it is perfectly possible to experience the two symptoms in isolation, they will often be experienced at the same time.

Why do you get hot flushes during the menopause? And what can help?

Hot flushes are frequently experienced by women of menopausal age. Many women will experience them as a sudden increase in heat, mainly in the head and upper body regions. There is still some uncertainty about the exact cause of hot flushes. There is plenty to suggest, however, that they can be associated with the fact that the body no longer produces the same quantities of the female hormone oestrogen as before. This imbalance can cause the part of the brain that manages body temperature (the hypotalamus, which is a kind of body thermostat) to become more sensitive and thus more likely to trigger the sweat glands. Hot flushes and sweats are therefore more frequent during the menopause. Using red clover to treat hot flushes can help to alleviate the symptoms.

What does a hot flush feel like?

An estimated 80% of all women will experience hot flushes when they reach the menopause. Some women will notice very little. Others will have hot flushes where they feel a little heat in their cheeks. Others again will experience violent hot flushes where they produce a lot of sweat. Hot flushes can occur around the clock, but are typically experienced during the evening. For the group of women who are worst affected by hot flushes and sweats, this can mean poor sleep and a resulting lack of energy and concentration, as well as mood swings and irritability. Although hot flushes are seldom in men, men of a certain age can also experience them.

Fermented red clover for hot flushes and sweats during the menopause

Plenty of advice is available about what works against hot flushes. Herbs and plants have helped to make the menopause more bearable in various ways for centuries. Red clover is particularly highlighted for its ability to reduce symptoms such as hot flushes and can therefore be a good relief for menopausal hot flushes. Red clover’s plant substances, isoflavones, are similar to female oestrogen, but differ by binding elsewhere in the body. One of the benefits of red clover is therefore that it can help to restore the body’s hormone balance. Because it can help to make the body less sensitive to temperature fluctuations, red clover can thus contribute to a smoother and more comfortable menopause during which hot flushes and sweats will not dominate everyday life to the same degree as experienced by some.

Herrens Mark REGOMEO fermented red clover extract is fermented with lactic acid bacteria, which preserves the product naturally, so it can be delivered completely without the addition of alcohol and preservatives. The extract is not pasteurised either as this helps to preserve the live lactic acid bacteria. Fermentation also means that the plant oestrogens in the red clover are separated from the sugar molecules, thus giving them a form that is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall directly.

Red clover can relieve discomfort during the menopause

Red clover is believed to relieve many other menopausal symptoms than just hot flushes and sweats. If you are experiencing restlessness, red clover can also help to bring greater balance in your body. As well as red clover, REGOMEO also contains lemon balm, which helps to maintain a positive mood and healthy sleep while the peppermint content helps a sluggish digestion. You can thus experience multiple benefits by taking red clover as a treatment for hot flushes.